Athania Parkway

Early Childhood Center

At our child day care center, we will challenge our 2 year olds with the concepts and skills they will need to help guide them along the early academic voyage. These 2 year olds will begin to grasp the cognitive aptitude of understanding directions and beginning to interpreting the meanings. The meaning of "Cause and Effect", the principle that every action will create a reaction. These simple principles are the basis of exploration, observation, and prediction.

    Another great benefit that our butterflies will gain at our child day care center is grasping a better understanding on controlling their bodies. This will help our 2 year olds to understand how their young bodies work and how each particular body part has its own function.

    While your child is at our child day care center, we will stress the importance of personal hygiene. Understanding the importance of eliminating germs and having a healthy body is paramount to having a happy life. By practicing these personal hygiene habits daily at our child day care center, your child will become more apt to continue these practices at home, and other social places. Some of the personal hygiene activities that we promote daily at our child day care are: washing hands, brushing teeth, and how to keep germs away.

Benefits for our (24 months to Pre-K 3) Toddlers

(24 months to Pre-K 3) Toddlers

The Pre-K3 transition for our toddlers 

(24 months to Pre-K 3) Toddlers Curriculum

During our child day care center's daily activities, these 2 year olds will participate in an activities program that includes recognition of the days of the week, the months in the year, the weather, and the season. The toddler program at our child day care center, will help our 2 year olds to recognize letters, numbers, shapes, and colors.

    The sensory journey for our 2 year olds at our child day care center, will initiate experiences through the five different senses. These toddlers will understand the experiences of feeling through touch. They will begin to recognize different objects by smell and sight. Also, these butterflies will recognize sounds and how each creature in our environment has a distinct sound.

    Our 2 year old program at our child day care center, will encourage our 2 year old's language skills through storytelling during circle time singing, and expressing thoughts. These 2 year olds will begin to understand how combining different sounds and words creates harmonious sounds and a good song.

The Toddler House, 2Year olds

      Athania Parkway Early Childhood Center prides itself on the preparation of its students cognitively and physically for their future academic careers. At our child day care center, one of these transitions into Pre-K3 and beyond is bathroom training or known as "potty training". This can be a daunting task for many young children, but with the help of our teachers, staff, and parental help this can be accomplished. We strive to have all the children that leave our child day care center potty trained before leaving our center.  

      Upon embarking into Pre-K3 and beyond, Athania Parkway Early Childhood Center leaves each child with the proper foundation that will make his/her academic career a success for many years.

At Athania Parkway Early Childhood Center, our 2 year old program is designed to prepare these toddlers for the transition into a Pre-K3 and beyond. Our toddler's imagination will begin to expand with many new and exciting ideas. Their language skills will improve with more decisive speech and reasoning. Two year olds will gain a greater attention span and begin to understand such concepts like "Cause and Effect", pretending, and some basic mathematic concepts.