At Athania Parkway Early Childhood Center, we believe that each child is on his/her own developmental path. It is our philosophy that children will be transitioned developmentally, instead of the standard chronologically age system. By transitioning each child developmentally, each infant is allow to progress at a pace that is suitable to the child's own time table. We understand that some infants need a little more time  while some infants are ready to go. This allows each infant to be development ready for his/her entrance into the Toddler House at our center. 

The Infant Room Guidelines

Infant parents are to provide all your child's nutrition, including: formula, food, snacks, etc. Please make sure all formula bottles are pre-made and enough is brought for the day. Please provide daily a blanket, baby bib, baby food bowl & utensils for your infant. Our child day care center provides a daily washed 100% cotton crib sheet for your child's crib mattress. If you wish to provide your own crib sheet for your infant, that will be fine.

Our Caregiver's Promise:

    - While awake at our child day care center, all babies will play

    - While going down for a nap at our child day care center, all infants will be

       placed on their backs, unless parents request differently in writing. O.K., if
      infant flips over by own action.

    - During our child day care center's daily activities, infant toys will be rotated and       

       cleaned regularly to reduce germs throughout the child day care center.

    - During our child day care center's daily infant activities, infants will be rotated

       throughout their playtime into different positions.

    - Our child day care center's caregivers will continually interact with the infants while

       in the infant designated areas and throughout the child day care center.

    - At our child day care center, infants will be held for feeding.

    - During our child day care center's daily activities, diapers will be checked on a                regular basis.

    - During our child day care center's daily infant activities, bottles/jars will be                    heated with a bottle warmer (water heat).

    - Our child day care center's caregivers will wash their hands on a regular basis.

    - Throughout an infant's daily activities at our child day care center, an infant's                  daily report will be provided to you.   

Infant Care at our Child Day Care Center

      Athania Parkway

Early Childhood Center

The Infant House Philosophy

 Athania Parkway Early Childhood Center believes that along with the custodial care of infants, teachers will interact with infants, talk to them, touch them, sing to them, play and read to infants. At our child day care center, we play an important role in the introduction of your infant's sensory journey in his/her life.

    Infants schedules are all different, so while at our child day care center, parents are to provide a daily guide for their infant, working with the director and individual teacher, adjusting as he/she grows.

The Infant House

The Infant Growth

The Infant years are a period of rapid mental development. Infants can begin to recognize and distinguish the different colors, tell the difference in sounds and noise, and track moving objects. They begin to understand facial recognition and the ability to imitate the actions of other children, adults, and caregivers. As they begin that journey into the toddler years, infants can begin to grasp concepts, such as spatial awareness, verbal language and meaning, and responding to language that is heard from parents and caregivers.

    Our goal is to create an environment that is challenging and mind stimulating for our young explorer, without compromising on safety and comfort. The infants at our child day care center will have the opportunity to explorer our age appropriate equipment and learning tools under the supervision of our low child to teacher ratio caregiver. Our infants will not be in one area throughout the day, they will be allowed to enjoy outdoor activities when weather is nice. We want your infant to have the best child day care experience.