Athania Parkway

Early Childhood Center

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At our child day care center, our low child to teacher ratio allows our staff to give personalize, focused attention to your child and his/her needs. We understand that your child is a unique individual and we will work with him/her to address the specific needs of your child. With our child day care center's curriculum, we focus on the developmental age of the child and not the chronological age. This allows each child to develop at his/her own pace while being guided by our teachers and staff. Our priority is to make your child's first child day care experience a positive one. We specialize in infant thru toddler care, preparing for a Pre-K3 transition.

What is the Athania Parkway Early Childhood Difference ?

No Television Time

       The Louisiana Department of Education has set a requirement system for the maximum number of children that can be watched by one caregiver in a child day care center. Also known as the "child-to-teacher ratio" There are three distinctions for licensing which are: Type I, Type II, or Type III. Also all information can be found on the website from the Department of education.

        At Athania Parkway Early Childhood Center, the child-to-teachers are  lower than the Department of Education's requirements which allows our teachers and staff the ability to focus on smaller groups of children during our activity and teaching times. This freedom allows the teachers to spend more time with each child in the group and help the child to explore his/her potential. 

        How is Athania Parkway Early Childhood Center different? One of our main goals is to provide personal quality care for each child. With our standard low child to teacher ratios, our caregivers have the opportunity to implement more focused and personalized time with each child.

    Athania Parkway Early Childhood Center is a family operated early childhood child day care center. We are licensed by the State of Louisiana Department of Children & Family Services. We are a Type I, "formerly Class B" licensed child day care center, which means we are not eligible to receive any state or federal funds. 

    Athania Parkway Early Childhood Center is a child day care center that does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, handicapping condition, or natural or ethnic origin. Spaces are filled on a first come basis. An enrollment fee is required to hold a spot at our child day care center and the fee is non-refundable. 

We Cater to the specific needs of the individual Child

Child to Teacher Ratio

At our child day care in New Orleans, we have a strict policy of "No Television Time". We believe that children are at their best when they are allowed to imagine and be creative. At our child day care center, classical music is played throughout the day in our classrooms. Classical music has been known to help creativity and imagination of young children with the beautiful sweet sounds of harmony. 

    Children will be allowed to create, imagine, and construct without the constraint of being baby sat by a television. They will be encouraged to play in the outdoor play areas and do activities in our Messy & Art Room.

Athania Parkway Early Childhood Center and Day Care in New Orleans