(12 months to 24 months) Play yard

(24 months to Pre-K3 ready) Play yard

The Wall of Chalk

One of the great features at our child day care center is the wall of chalk. Located adjacent to our two year old outdoor play area, our wall of chalk allows our butterflies to draw, create, and imagine all of the wonderful things in their minds. The wall of chalk allows our butterflies to be expressive without the constraints of paper. The wall of chalk encompasses along the perimeter and is the height size to our butterflies. With many different colors of chalk, your child can create an amazing masterpiece.  

Our Outdoor Atmosphere

At Athania Parkway Early Childhood Center, our Red and Blue butterflies have a main 1200 square foot outdoor play area. Your child will enjoy a play area that features Little Tykes® commercial play equipment surrounded by natural grass. While at our child day care center, there is a large amount of space for running and playing. We have stationary tricycles to develop those gross motor skills and a slide for a new thrilling adventure.

Both our Yellow and Green Butterflies will be introduced to the outside play area. The outdoor play areas are designated for the appropriate age groups, so children can feel comfortable and safe. Some of the skills children will gain are better control of their fine motor skills by grasping and throwing and their gross motor skills by bending and jumping. Our butterflies will develop hand-eye coordination and social interaction development.

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