As a child ages 12 months, the child begins to develop new skill sets. A child will begin to pull and push, kick and throw, and climb. These activities will develop a child's fine and gross motor skills. The early toddler curriculum schedule at our child day care center will include activities such as, simple games, ball play, and use riding toys. Along with the gross and fine motor skills, our child day care center will include a curriculum that helps a child to develop language, simple art projects, music, short story listening, and learning to eat by themselves.

(19 months to 24 months) Curriculum

(12 months to 18 months) Curriculum

As a child reaches 24 months, the vocabulary will increase and understand the meaning of oneself. As the child embarks on the transition into the 2 year old program, the curriculum will focus on language development involving more verbal communication and understanding, taking directions, and helping.

        During our child day care center's activities, these toddlers will be participating in group activities, more complex art activities, longer story listening, enjoy picture books, and music. Along with the aid of the teachers and the caregivers guiding them through this journey.

At Athania Parkway Early Childhood Center, our early toddlers are ages 12 months to 18 months. The early toddlers  at our child day care center are introduced to new social settings and group interaction with other children. These early interactions help to blossom, expand, and nourish the personality of our young toddlers.

(12 months to 18 months) Toddlers

As our little toddlers are growing, they are more capable of more complex activities. These toddlers will begin to understand more words and understand the meaning of words. They will begin use their fine motor skills to draw and sing along. The curriculum at our child day care center includes a short circle time, introduction through singing and visual signs, the alphabet, numbers, the month, day of the week, colors and shapes.

The Toddler House, 1 Year Olds

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Early Childhood Center

(19 months to 24 months) Toddler