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How Soon Can My Toddler Start Pre-K in New Orleans?

July 28, 2016

While every preschool and daycare center

will have its own rules aboutage and

enrollment, our Metairie daycare service

gladly accepts infants as young as just six

weeks old.

Generally, pre-K and pre-school are

specialized institutions that help prepare

older toddlers for the social and learning

skills they'll use in kindergarten. Yet, the

best local daycare service can help even

the youngest children learn vital life skills. Just as importantly, parents can go to work with peace of mind knowing their kids are safe and supported in an affordable daycare center.

While six weeks might seem too young to start at a daycare center, many working parents rely on our Metairie daycare service so they can support their families. While most kids had a stay-at-home mom in 1975, just one in three kids today has a stay-at-home parent, which makes local daycare services more important than ever before. Other parents choose to send their toddlers to daycare in preparation for a preschool program, and to help young kids spend time with other toddlers.

The truth is, the toddler years are some of the most important times in a child's development. At this age, the body and brain are growing at a remarkable rate. In fact, from birth to age three, the brain develops at the fastest rate in the entire human lifespan. In these crucial years of growth, about 700 new neural connections are formed every single second of the day!

That's why children have such a remarkable capacity for language early in life. While even the most educated adults struggle to pick up a second or third language, toddlers learn languages simply through trial and error. And when toddlers are enrolled in a supportive child care center, they can pick up these skills even faster. That's why our Metairie daycare has a "No Television Time" policy, three outdoor play yards, and a daily curriculum designed for toddlers.

Even better, our Metairie daycare has a much lower child/teacher ratio than what's required by the Louisiana Department of Education's licensing requirements. You would never do the bare minimum for your children, and neither should your daycare service.

No matter their age, your son or daughter deserves the personal attention, playtime, and socialization that toddlers need to thrive.

Remember: it's never too early to start preparing your child for the future.

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