Athania Parkway

Early Childhood Center

The Toddler's Cafe

Our Toddler's CafĂ© serves delicious "Home Cooked" healthy meals at our child day care center. The philosophy of our child day care center is to offer home cooked meals with the proper nutrition to keep our toddlers energized and full for the days activities. Good food develops our sense of taste and smell along  our sensory journey. The toddlers at our child day care will have satisfied hungry little tummies in our bright, colorful dining area.

At our child day care center, we understand that certain foods may cause allergic issues with children. We encourage parents to identify any allergies your child may have prior to enrolling at the child day care center, and inform the child day care center. If a child has different tastes, a parent may prefer to bring their child's own nourishment to the child day care center. We will be happy to prepare it as long as preparation is not complicated.

    At our child care center, we teach that good hygiene practices are important habits for life, especially around food and snacks. We encourage each child to wash his/her hands prior to lunch and snacks and after lunch and snacks. These habits can keep children healthy and prevent exposure to germs. Also, table manners and etiquette will introduce the importance of using kitchen utensils, such as a spoon or fork. Instituting these utensil skills will eliminate the use of fingers to grasp food and help develop fine motor skills of handling utensils.

Cafe, Safety, & Assurance 

One of the main goals at Athania Parkway Early Childhood Center is the security and safety of your child. Our child day care center features a one of a kind entry system. Upon enrolling your child at our child day care center, each parent will be given a personal coded key fob. This key fob will be used for arrival drop off at our child day care center and picking up at our child day care center. The importance of the key fob is to allow only the registered parents, children, staff, and faculty to enter the child day care center and deny access to anyone that is not allowed. This entry system keeps track of what parent or guardian picks up a child.

    Throughout our child day care center, observation cameras have been place in each of the butterflies classrooms, infant rooms, art and messy room, and outdoor play areas. These cameras offer an additional eye in the children's activities area to ensure your child is safe and kept in the most comfortable and safe environment. While located in the director's office, our observation system can reassure parents by seeing their child interact with other children with out them around. This especially helps parents feel calm knowing their child is having a great first child day care experience.

Security and Observation