Athania Parkway

Early Childhood Center

The Art and Messy Room Curriculum

 The art and messy room at our child day care center is a designed space for creative play. At our child day care center, we want your child's imagination to have the ability to expand freely and wide open. There are numerous art supplies and resources available at the child day care center, that will encourage and help your child's artistic vision to grow. Some of the many activities your child will find in our art and messy room are: finger painting, water coloring, play dough molding, and collage making.

The Art & Messy Room Activities

A Journey of the Senses

Fun in the Art and Messy Room

While your child is at our child day care center, the art and messy room is a fun and exciting learning experience. We want all of our butterflies to participate in the fun, so it is important for all children to wear clothing that will allow them to be messy and creative. We ask that clothing a parent would consider "dressy" or " to nice to get dirty" be left home, so the child can have a wonderful experience at our child day care center's art and messy room.  

At Athania Parkway Early Childhood Center, it is our belief that each child should create his/her own art with his/her own imagination. During all art and messy room activities, all activities will be child initiated with teacher guidance. The teachers at our child day care center will present projects that are tailored for the appropriate age of each child. Activities in the art and messy room will be incorporated into the daily curriculum. The art and messy room activities at our child day care center will give our butterflies the opportunity to enhance their cognitive abilities to dream and expand their imagination.

During activities in the art and messy room, a sensory journey expands with play dough, saving cream, finger paint, and all sorts of new textures to explore, feel, touch, and smell. Our butterflies will use their fine (small) motor skills, hand-eye coordination, visual recognition, and smell to develop their imaginative senses. Our butterflies will be able to interpret their own individual perceptions, by incorporating all the different senses while they are creating their art projects.

The Art & Messy Room