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4 Traits That Are Essential to Any Child's Development

July 7, 2016

As a parent, it is no secret you will

go to the ends of the earth for your

child, which means raising them to

be successful, independent adults.

Here are some traits to pass on to

your children in order to ensure

their success later in life.

A sense of musicality
It is never too early to get your

child involved in music. Learning a

musical instrument will help them

channel their creative side, and will help them fine tune their motor skills at a young age. Plus, all professional musicians start young, so you never know if you have a concert pianist on your hands until you try!

You read to them young
Even when your child is in the womb, it is important to start reading to them. The period between their birth and third birthday holds the fastest rate of brain development across the entire human lifespan, so it is important to introduce them to language as early as possible. Reading aloud to children helps to stimulate brain development, but sadly, only half of infants and toddlers are routinely read to by their parents. Make it a habit and start young. If you do, you'll see your child flourish.

Foster a sense of independence
Even though it may seem challenging at first, enrolling your child in a child care service is one of the best ways to give them a sense of individuality and independence. By being in a new environment away from their sense of normalcy, your child will be able to learn how to cope by themselves in difficult situations. They will also learn how to make friends, a very important social skill that should be made before they enter kindergarten. Do not feel like you are alone in enrolling your child in a local daycare service, as fewer than one-third of all children have a full-time stay at home parent.

Encourage mistakes
No child will learn if they do not make a couple mistakes first. A parent who encourages their child to continue even if they mess up is setting them on a path that will help them work towards a goal, help them figure out how to handle setbacks, and will help to develop an innate sense of focus.

As a working parent, it is almost impossible to do it all alone. If you are looking into investing in your child's future by investing in a child care service, look no further than Athania Childcare.

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